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November 12, 2007

A Comfort Reading List

Some might say this is no time to comfort ourselves reading about nature when nature is so severely threatened. Still, comfort we must have at times, whether we're in the throes of insomnia or overwhelmed by predictions of environmental apocalypse. I've published an Amazon list of books I turn to.


Beth said...

I enjoyed this list very much. Several old favorites: William Least Heat Moon, Hubbell, Thoreau, Muir, Durrell, Bryson...and then some to try...Kumin, Lopez, and some of the newer young writers. Some good winter reading here.

Crayons said...

Wow, a blog that actually has substance -- and in excellent prose at that! I'm so excited to read more of your thoughts. I'll use your reading list as a compass this winter.

The idea of exploring rather than evaluating seems helpful in more contexts than one. I'm really honored that you visited my bloglette.

TR Ryan said...

My family thanks you for now giving them ample ideas for Christmas gifts. This list is great! Thank you for taking the time. There are some I've not heard of. I am reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek at this moment and I do believe its being elevated to all time favorite book. It really is a timeless masterpiece that gets better with age (my age!).